TBEC Mission

The mission of the Tampa Business Emergency Council (TBEC) is to act as a clearinghouse of information and as a liaison between the Tampa Bay Business Community and the City of Tampa Office of Emergency Management and Emergency Operations Center.

TBEC Vision

The vision of the TBEC is to ensure small, medium and large businesses are represented and connected to emergency support services prior to, during, and after a crisis in order to maintain a resilient Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay Emergency Council Overview

The TBEC will represent the Tampa Bay business community in the City of Tampa Emergency Operations Center by filling the ESF-18 role.  It will provide a framework that is predictable and repeatable which will result in effective communication during times of disruption.  It will also provide training, awareness, and preparedness campaigns during peacetime in order to ensure businesses understand what types of support are available and how to request them.  This group will be comprised of businesses from the Tampa Bay area who are interested in participating.